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Shipping charges increasing effective July 1, 2019

One of the services Holy Trinity Bookstore is proud to offer is our ability to ship edifying spiritual literature around the world. We love seeing the demand for Orthodox books and gifts from every corner of the Unites States, North America, traditionally Orthodox countries and new fields for missionary work. But we've been reviewing our numbers lately and it turns out we aren't charging nearly enough to ship your orders! It's been years since we reviewed those fees and, although they were sufficient at the time, shipping-related cost increases and general inflation have slowly overtaken them. 
ng those charges by about 15% across the board on both domestic and international orders. We're also raising the threshold for free shipping on orders placed online, from $75 to $95.

But we wanted to give you all fair warning, so the changes will only take effect July 1st. Take advantage of the low charges now through the end of June!

We wish you all a joyous remainder of the Paschal season!

In our Risen Saviour,
The staff of Holy Trinity Bookstore


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