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We understand that life has changed for all of us as a result of governmental restrictions and individual fears over the COVID-19 virus. Many parishes are unable to welcome the faithful for services or to purchase books and many retail operations are barred from opening. 

To support your work, we have decided to re-activate the affiliate program at HTP Bookstore! This works just like a program you may be more familiar with, Amazon Smile. Your website or email list sends parishioners or customers to our website using a specific affiliate link that ties back to you. If the person who followed that link makes a purchase, a percentage of the sale comes back to you! 

The percentage you earn is tiered based on the order subtotal:

Subtotal                      Commision
< $25                -->            5%
$25 - $100        -->           10%
> $100              -->           20%

Commissions earned will be paid on a quarterly basis once earnings meet a minimum threshold of $50.

To join the program, email us using this link and give us your organization or church's name and contact info for setting up the program!


We hope this will allow you to continue earning revenue in our current world of restricted gatherings while avoiding the logistical difficulties of standing up your own web store!


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